Friday, November 11, 2016

SHOCKER: AN ILLINOIS POLITICIAN DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL? Phil Luciano on former Congressman Aaron Schock (R):
Ever see grubby conmen dealing three-card monte on the streets of in New York? Put one in a tailored suit, and that’s Schock, according to a federal indictment. He allegedly directed and paid his staff to orchestrate a grand sleight of hand involving official money and expense reports.

The victims are taxpayers across the nation. But embarrassment festers back home among constituents, apparently duped by a political wunderkind’s fresh face and reassuring smile. Much like all of Illinois looks dim and foolhardy every time one of our oily governors gets carted off to the pen, Peoria now comes off like a backwater of rubes, hoodwinked by one of our own.

It’s hard to fathom the chutzpah behind this sort of duality and duplicity. The 52-page indictment makes plenty of allegations. By most telling of Schock’s peculiar mindset, according to the charges, one minute he was hobnobbing at events here with Washington D.C.’s biggest names, the next he was trying to make a fast buck by illegally selling World Series and Super Bowl tickets.

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