Tuesday, November 8, 2016

VOTE FRAUD IN CHICAGO - People say there's been little vote fraud in U.S. history. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and know differently.
A Chicago Tribune investigation of massive fraud, published in January 1983, led Webb to announce that his investigators would “use a computer” (which was at the time an innovative crime-fighting technology) to determine how many dead people were registered to vote or registered in more than one location throughout the city’s 2,910 precincts. Overall, 10 percent of Chicago’s one million votes for governor, mayor, city council, and other public officials were alleged to be fraudulent. “The fraud we uncovered in these indictments is so great, the scheme so intense, that the exact number of votes stolen in the November elections is unknown,” Webb announced at a press conference revealing the arrest of ten officials on the city’s West Side.

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