Sunday, December 4, 2016

MATTIS IS NOT CHUCK NORRIS. Trump's Secretary of Defense nominee James Mattis is known for some colorful quotes. But he's also known as a smart, knowledgeable individual. Here is an episode of the Hoover Institute's Uncommon Knowledge in which the former general was interviewed. Here's a quote on finding the proper level of funding for the military I'm not sure the mainstream media will trot out:
Well it's hard. It's hard, and we can always find in a budge this large, we can find things that are waste or we can find things that in all likelihood we don't need in a military budget. The challenge is, how do you set up the processes to audit it, to govern it, to allocate those resources in a responsible manner. And what I found over many years in many different organizations if you take good people and good ideas and you match them with bad processes, the bad processes will win 9 out of 10 times. Right now the processes have become so convoluted, the laws are so complex, governing acquisition. The budgets themselves are so detailed in some areas directing things that in the military we don't ask for, frankly, that you can't really get the good ideas forward and have them governing all aspects of the budget.
This is normal. This is not something that we're all of a sudden one day we are going to find the Holy Grail and, presto, we know how to solve this. But we've got to work this in a manner that creates processes that return integrity -- managerial integrity -- to the system. We know what to do with corruption, we put people in jail for that sort of thing. This is not about corruption. This is about using the resources wisely that the American people have given us. You're right. It has become so big that it's hard to calculate that.

As they say, watch the whole thing.

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